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At His Leisure part 7
Cissy was being carried, her eyes shut, her hands wrapped around the bars. The nausea was back, but this time it was more than just motion sickness. She had never felt so afraid in her entire life.
She was in a smaller cage. At her old height she could have described it as six feet square. She could still feel the ache round her ribs where the guard had grabbed her ineptly, and the cries of Tawny, Thomas and the other tinies she had come to know still echoed in her ears. James had left and the watchman had been tasked with transferring her to another cage and taking her somewhere.
Tears were fighting their way out between her squeezed eyelids and she brushed them away with the back of her hand, feeling her lip wobble. She had to keep it together, or else she would lose it entirely. For the past six weeks she had fretted and cried for home, spent long nights hungry and bored down in the humble hiding place in the tavern. She had racked her brains over and over as to where she was and ho
:iconflibbitty:flibbitty 15 6
At His Leisure part 10
Cissy was back where she started. Back on the huge tabletop.
James lowered her onto the surface, leather and wood creaking as he seated himself. The sobbing toddler had been returned to the holding room. Cissy’s first intention was to stand completely still, giving none of her suffering away, but the whole day and night in the freezing dark cell had done its work and her teeth chattered in her head, her limbs stiff and cold as ice. She tried her best to rub some warmth back into her fingers, the tears on her cold cheeks hot by comparison.
She shut her eyes, trying to block the recent experience from her mind. The sobs and wails of the toddler, growing quieter by the hour as the cold seeped into her bones, despite Cissy’s best efforts. The weight of the child in her arms as she had paced the cage in an effort to keep warm, growing almost delirious with fatigue, begging whatever deity to let them survive. She’d lost all sense of time, but from the sky beyond the windows
:iconflibbitty:flibbitty 11 15
At His Leisure part 1
The TV blared in the corner above the few people seated in the scruffy roadside café.
“Officials are not prepared to comment on this strange phenomenon, apart from the earlier statement released this week that the disappearances are not thought to be linked. Still, locals are still asking the question: Why do people vanish in this spot repeatedly?”
The presenter disappeared from the screen to be replaced by a shot of a cave mouth, surrounded by trees. To the right a waterfall gushed into a stream. Tourists in brightly coloured jackets milled round the entrance, posing for photographs or climbing over the rocks at the cave entrance. A man in a thick fleece coat stood facing the camera.
“Hundreds of tourists visit this site every month, and the cave has been an attraction for decades. There does indeed appear to be nothing linking the people who venture into the cave and don’t come out, and no remains have ever been found. Bill, what explanation can
:iconflibbitty:flibbitty 27 9
Caught || TWENTY-TWO
Erica awoke the next morning to the sound of birdsong outside the window… quite unsure as to where she was. She lay with her eyes closed, breathing evenly, until the music died away. The two collared doves that had perched on the windowsill flew off.
She slowly began to regain full consciousness as she lay there, curled up in place. Now she could register only the sound of deep breathing that wasn’t her own. The inhales and exhales enveloped her ears in a way that only a positively enormous set of lungs could produce.
Then the memories of last night came streaming back into her head… and she remembered where she was.
With a sleepy little murmur, the human pushed herself up onto one elbow — encountering some difficulty — and opened her eyes. Her vision was blurred, and so at first she couldn’t quite make out the hand that was lying right there next to her; the thumb of which she was grasping tightly to herself in an unconscious embrace.
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 14 2
Caught || TEN
Sitting under the harsh lights of Erica's solitary cell, Aaron's glare was highlighted with nothing hidden in his shadowed gaze. Stopping by the police precinct this morning to share his findings had been a moot point. They'd practically kicked him out, assuring him that he should stick to his own territory, and that the investigation was ongoing.
Then why aren't they looking into this? he fumed silently.
He wondered if Erica realized how deep of a rut she'd dug herself into.
Becoming aware of the irate frown etched onto his face, Aaron lifted his head and his eyebrows to rid himself of future frown lines. No doubt he'd been terrifying Erica again...
He cocked his head in surprise, finding that she had fallen asleep at some point during his silent watch. She was so small, curled up on the lumpy cot, using her arm as a pillow in place of the prison provision. After glancing around, he moved his stool closer to her cell, affording him a closer look at the little prisoner.
Sleep su
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 21 3
Agent Delia Melki studied the ground, her hands resting on her hips. The crater was massive, big enough that she could have filled it with water and made it into a swimming pool. It was also astonishingly deep, the soil in the bottom compacted and the vegetation crushed flat. Strange patterns were pressed into the dirt, diamonds and ovals that were as large as tombstones. To an uninformed passerby, the huge hole would have been a mystery, but Delia knew exactly what had caused it. Gazing up, she saw the other craters that formed a meandering trail.
From the look of the footprints, she could tell that he had been here recently. In fact, he was probably still in the area. Almost unconsciously, Delia touched the plasma rifle strapped to her back. It wasn’t an ordinary weapon; this gun was capable of puncturing her target’s telekinetic shield with ease. But Delia knew that taking down the creature wouldn’t be easy. He was fiendishly clever, created to be the perfect super
:icongiantessnyx:GiantessNyx 19 12
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 15
“Y-you don't understand. My daughter, she's been missing for 2 days now, and you want us to leave?”
“Mr. Aldaine, I know this must be hard for you and Elizabeth, but for now we need everyone clear of this household. It's still unclear of how Rose disappeared, and we want to prevent any possible risks of another missing person. Do you understand?”
Mr. Aldaine nodded solemnly, running his hand through his balding salt and pepper hair and looking to the grass at his feet. His younger daughter Elizabeth was standing a few feet over just barely in ear shot, frantically wiping the tears that seemed to be streaming down her cheeks nonstop. Kyle was also there, sulking a little further off towards the back of the house after having been instructed, or rather demanded to stand a ways away when he began clutching and screaming at an officer the second he got there.  Although the 5’5 boy stood no chance against the looming officer, punishmen
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 30 30
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 14
Almost immediately, I felt the ground rumble as Chad suddenly collapsed to his knees in front of the table I was on, placing his hands on the edge and bringing his face down to about my eye level, still completely fascinated. His hazel eyes were wide with awe, staring at my with a soft smile as if I were the most interesting spectacle on the planet.
It was almost amusing, if I was being completely honest. Chad was so big, but all he ever seemed to do was act like an oversized toddler, completely entranced with everything. And in all honesty, something about him seemed pretty harmless. He spoke a lot softer than Ashton, and actually listened when instructed not to pick me up…
…Why couldn't Chad have kidnapped me instead of Ashton?
Never thought I'd ask myself a question like that.
But regardless of Chad's undeniable size and closeness to me, I felt more okay with not darting the opposite direction at the moment. So when I felt his eyes fall on me, his giant fac
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 40 27
Little Captive
The night had gone from bad to worse in a matter of seconds.
The girl knew that going out when people occupied the room was dangerous, and all the advice from her father rang inside her head like warning bells. Telling her to turn the other way and leave this stupid idea behind.
Her father had gone to bed, and Talia had snuck out.
Starving a couple nights in a row wasn't uncommon for the tiny family, and she knew that, and she'd had enough of it. The rooms in Moonlight All Night, were usually left fairly messy, that gave her enough of a chance to get in and out without being seen or noticed, but from her current leverage point under the TV stand, she could see the huge pairs of socked feet from a young mother and father, trying to get their squirmy daughter into bed.
Talia huffed, ducking a little further into the shadows, easily avoiding any eyesight of the three humans in the room.
Huge, giant beings that stomped around everywhere they went. Unknowing and uncaring for her own
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 25 34
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 13
There are some people who enter other people's houses normally. A friendly greet, a “hi, how are you?” and a brotherly tap on the shoulder, all in good virtue and keeping a simple, peaceful, and calm environment, dwelling with good atmosphere.
Then there was Chad.
It was if an explosion went off in the room. The split second the door clicked open, it practically was flung off of its hinges, Ashton jolting back suddenly from the door as the enormous figure filled the doorway.
The whole doorway.
Now, at this point I knew that these giant people were, well, giant. And as unreal as it seemed, it was the reality I was stuck with at the moment, one day dragging out into a time span that felt like decades. Every moment was constantly terrifying, and everything I saw in my vision constantly was always taken up by one of them. There was no escaping it, and Ashton was all I had really known for the past day. Merely because of his size, he was the only thing keeping me from my
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 33 29
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 12
My first reaction was to flat out scream, losing my breath for a second before whirling backwards, falling clumsily onto my back and scooting away as far as I could. My eyes were split wide open, heart thumping so wildly I was sure Ashton could feel it pulsing against his fingers.
What the…
“CHAD. You DICK. You scared her!”
I blinked several times, chest heaving and curled up as far as I could into Ashton’s palm, practically falling off the hand. He quickly gathered me up with a soft “shhhh” sound, holding me closer to his chest protectively, as if that would calm me. And in complete honesty and utter disgust, something about the gesture did feel reassuring, making my cheeks flush a little.
Chad. The other giant. How did I not see him coming from outside? As I managed to get a better grip on myself, I saw him standing outside the house, doubled over in muffled laughter blocked out by the thick glass. His short, dirty blond
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 33 20
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 11
With a quick glance, Ashton whisked up the box of cereal suddenly, leaving the bowls abandoned on the counter, his practically empty and mine still full of crushed pieces. He began walking out of the kitchen, still clutching me in a tight fist and holding me up close to his face as he walked, which was totally safe. The bastard.
In a few seconds we were in what seemed to be a living room just across the kitchen, with the walls painted a delicate lavender color. There was a grey sofa at the far wall of it, a huge window implemented behind it and a large flatscreen on the other side of the room. The side wall was decorated in watercolor paintings and random, cheesy inspirational quotes.
With a large sigh, Ashton crashed onto the sofa, plopping the box onto a side table and I winced as the air whirled around me momentarily before fading into stillness. Tears brimmed the edge of my eyes at the momentum.
I was starting to get uncomfortable cramped in his fist, and I squirmed a little b
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 32 20
No Return-Chap 3-Encounter..
No Return-Chap 3-Encounter..
Lucy pulled herself up immediately, wide eyed, her heart racing.Before she could blink, she was lift up in the air, as well as the giant standing, causing her stomach to drop.She widened her eyes, terrified.She was brought up right to the giant's face.She cowered away, only hitting the back of his trunk sized fingers.She was so small in his palm, and she felt she would jump off.She was pretty sure that was a better idea, then for whatever this giant wanted to do with her.
She jumped, when the giant's eyes were right on her.She quivered in fear, and tried to turn.She yelped, widening her eyes, when she nearly fell.The giant was standing near the trees, which were possibly about 70 feet down.
She nearly swung down, yelping, but, the giant pulled his finger over.Lucy squeaked, as it pushed her back into the middle of his palm.
The giant frowned, "Whoa, calm down, or you'll fall."He said, softly."Gez, you're so reckless."
Lucy shrieked, and back up more, pressi
:icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 24 6
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 10
Ashton thundered out of the room, stomping down the hallway away from the bathroom I’d had the misfortune of being in earlier, and past a couple other closed white doors. I immediately tensed up. What if his father was in one of those rooms? My stomach turned at the thought of having to meet another freaking giant person. And if he was anything like Ashton…
Well…screw me
Again, doing that creepy mind-reading thing he loved to do, Ashton's deep voice suddenly spoke up, rumbling around me.
“You don't have to worry, by the way. My dad’s not here today, he's out on a…uh, business trip until tonight. Which comes in handy anyways, cuz I have school tomorrow.”
That did little to nothing to console me. His father would be home. Tonight. did that mean I had to see him?
Ashton's steps slowed to a halt, stopping in what appeared to be a kitchen, giant windows outlining a marble kitchen built against sunshine yello
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 31 27
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 9
A reality crashed on me like a two ton block of cement slammed into my stomach.
He’s…he's had another human before me. But wait, that didn't make sense. He said yesterday that the last time they had seen a human on earth was 16 years ago…and that would make him 2 years old. So…did his father find one of us?
I was wrapped up in my own thoughts, bound by the thought of another poor soul trapped here in this mysterious giant land. And if she was here before…
…Where was she now?
I suddenly felt pressure nudge my stomach and I gasped, a finger pushing into my torso and quickly retreating, the owners eyebrows furrowed.
“Hey, you awake in there? God, you space out a lot. I mean, I know how you feel though, whenever I'm in physics--“
“Is there another human living here?” I blurted out, unable to stop myself from my own probing curiosity.  Immediately I wished I had bit my tongue, but hope was burning away at my rib cage, e
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 34 37
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 8
Filled with disturbance, I turned away from the mirror, from that bruised, beat up girl that wasn't me, and instead towards the sink. Suddenly, no part of me felt comfortable taking off all my clothes with my own captor in the same room.  Underwear could dry fast enough, and it might actually be beneficial to get them clean while I'm at it. Who knew how long it'd be till I'd have another pair…
Dipping one foot in the water, I heard quiet, rhythmic humming coming from the shower, vibrating deep in my chest. I ignored it and sighed as the warm water melted off the ache and pain, and instantly plopped down onto the counter, both my legs now completely immersed in the bubbles. With a deep breath, I dipped myself in the hot soapy goodness, smiling as the water washed over my face and through my hair. Taking another deep breath, I flipped myself completely under the water, opening my eyes to the light blue water swirling in bubbles and wincing slightly at the sting. Memories of su
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 43 34



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